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Boost Your Sales in 2021! Convert Your Offline Business to Online Within 1 Month

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❝ December Free Live Sharing Sessions: 4 Webinars to Kickstart Your Online Business! ❞

・Starting an online business, but don’t know how to sell on Shopee?

・Started your online business, but no idea how to build your official website?

・Used social media for marketing, yet have less than 100 followers?

・Spending big on ads, but no improvement in sales?

If you fit the descriptions above, then these 4 Webinars are just for you! #EcommerceBeginner

This year, offline businesses worldwide are badly affected by the pandemic.

cacaFly Malaysia is now offering free webinars, so calling out to all business owners:

Come and ignite your digital transformation immediately!

Get a head start & boost your sales in 2021!

Come check out our webinars, once a week at 9 pm!

Head of Performance Marketing of cacaFly Malaysia - David & a Senior industry expert, will conduct an Online sharing session.

Questions are welcomed & professional responses will be given instantly.

Webinar Info

EP.1 The Complete Marketplace Guide: How to Create An Online Store, Increase Platform Exposure & Setting up Ads Campaign

️〔Guest〕Gary Lum, Group CEO of Mono&Co

〔Time〕3rd Dec (Thu), 9 pm

EP.2 Building An Official Site: No Worries, It's Easy as ABC! Master The Whole Process & Essential Tools

〔Guest〕Eric Lai, Head of Business Development of SHOPLINE

〔Time〕 10th Dec (Thu), 9 pm

EP.3 Slow-moving Facebook Page & Instagram Account? Here's How To Make It Lively!

️〔Guest〕Wendy Chiang, Marketing Consultant of cacaFly

〔Time〕17th Dec (Thu), 9 pm

EP.4 Quality Ideas, Better Advertising! What Are The Key Elements of Creative Ads?

️〔Guest〕Chris Chong, Campaign and Project Specialist of cacaFly

〔Time〕23th Dec (Wed), 9 pm

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Webinar Preview

Are you already an online business owner and wish to take your business to the next level?

We have also prepared a series of free advanced webinars, just for you!

Stay tuned to cacaFly Malaysia!

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